Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Preston Lee Vivier

Preston was born on June 16, 2010 at 2:04am. I was 9 days overdue and went in to be induced after my water broke but went into labour myself after waiting 9 hours in triage for a room to open up. I laboured for about 4 1/2hours and then our precious little boy was born. He was 7lbs 14oz and 21 1/4inches long. He has platinum blond hair and dark blue eyes.
He is such a good baby. He likes to sleep all day and then is up at night but we are slowly changing that. The first 2 weeks he had his days and nights confused but he is getting better. Now if I could just get a few hours of uninterupted sleep life would be amazing!

I am having trouble posting pictures but here is one of my new little man. It seems like life with 3 little ones is keeping me off the computer most days but I will post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paige is 3

We had a BBQ this weekend for Paige's Birthday, the weather wasn't as nice as I had hoped but it wasn't too bad.
Paige, Elyse, Brooklyn, Connor, Georgia, Tyler, Coleman and Jett
Gathering all the loot from the pinata

Paige taking a turn at the pinata
Opening her presents.
Paige and I did the new puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa got her and her new umbrella
Paige is such a cutie these days. She is so funny and loves to laugh and smile
We had cake for her on her actual birthday May 19, she was so cute with her presents. Each one she would say "sanks guys, I LOVE IT!!", then she'd ask what it was (like the kite from the Kvellestad's), it was pretty funny. She has such expression and enthusiasm for life.
We had to keep with tradition and go to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. The girls love it there!
This picture is just so Paige. She is such a ham, she loves to make people laugh and will do anything to do it! She is rarely serious and it can be tough but she truly is pretty funny ;)
I love my little girl so much. We love to listen to her cute voice and all her jokes. She is still a Mommy's girl and to "cuddles", she snuggles so close and just loves to sit and be together. Despite that though, she is fiercely independent, everything has to be on her terms and in her own time. She always has a counter-offer when I ask her to do something and she tends to hear what she wants to! There is never a quiet moment with Paige, she loves to chat and is mommy's little shopping buddy when Elyse is at pre-school. Paige is such a special little girl and we love her so much, Happy 3rd Birthday Rager!!
The girls are best of friends, I love to hear them play and pretend. They are doing SOOO well sharing a room. I am so proud of them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful weather & 37 Weeks!

This was Mother's day. I love my girls so much and I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. I am 37 weeks today, 3 weeks to go!! I am feeling pretty good, a bit tired and a bit overwhelmed at points, but I think that it normal :) I can't believe that we are going to be adding a baby to this already chaotic mix but I can't wait to meet this new little person. I am feeling like it is a boy these days but who knows, I really am just hoping for a healthy, happy baby who likes to sleep :)
The weather on the weekend was so nice! We spent the day at Confederation park enjoying the weather. The girls are getting so big and love riding their bikes. Paige is a natural and needs a bigger bike, she can pedal way too fast for this little trike.

We sat out and kicked the soccer ball around. Paige has some natural athletic talent but has to do everything on her own time, in her own way!
Elyse and I and the ever expanding belly!


Elyse is playing soccer this year and loving it!! She is pretty intense and gives it her all, I love watching her. Paige is such a good girl, she sits and cheers for the "Stallions" even though she would love to be out there playing too!
It is so fun that Connor and Brooklyn are playing on the same team too.

Elyse, Connor and Brooklyn.

Swimming Lessons

Elyse loved swimming lessons, she is a little fish and loves the water. I think I'll sign both the girls up again since Paige is almost old enough for unparented lessons too.
We were so proud to see Elyse jump off the diving board on the last day of class.

New Room for the girls

This was Elyse's room before.
Elyse hard at work helping us paint the room.

Paige and Elyse loved to help get the room ready.
The girls thought it was pretty great to have a bed in the living room to hang out on. It was pretty cute to see them cuddle on it with their dollies.
And the finished product.....
I love their new room, it is tight but the girls have done so well so far. Paige loves having a big girl bed and Elyse has been great about sharing her space. I am really happy at the way it all turned out, the pink and brown is cute and girly but not too kidish.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elyse is 5!!

Elyse turned 5 last week and we celebrated in style. On Tuesday, just Elyse and I went to the doctor and then out for lunch and then shopping where she got to pick out this new dress she is wearing (she LOVES dresses and thinks it is such a treat to wear them). Then for her birthday she was the special girl at pre-school and then we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. Elyse loves it there!
Then it was dinner at our house with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dave and the Kvellestad's.

Elyse was thrilled with her "big girl bike". It was a really fun gift to give and she was so excited.
Taking it for a spin down the hall.
The next day we tried it outside. Elyse did great but she forgot how to stop and got scared and grabbed the fence to stop herself and fell off her bike. Those are the pitfalls when learning how to ride a bike :)
Paige did great on her bike, she finally was using the pedals, she always has insisted on scooting along with her feet.
To keep the festivities going we had a bowling party on Sunday for her friends. This is Olivia, Elyse and Brooklyn.
The whole gang! Olivia, Hannah,Elyse, Brooklyn, Paige, Connor, Coleman, Tyler and Jett. We rented out 3 of 4 lanes at the community center and it worked out great. It was alot of fun.
My big girl. I am so proud of the little lady Elyse has become. She is so smart and has such good manners and a fun personality. She is so helpful and is really determined and motivated. I can't believe she is 5 already, I love her so much and hope she always stays this amazing! Love you babe, Happy Birthday!!